Professional statement

Hi, I'm Lou.I'm a certified health and life coach, EFT practitioner, and soon-to-be holistic nutritionist focusing on helping busy women and men de-stress, gain energy, and improve their relationship with food so they can enjoy a rich family life and connection with themselves without starvation or strict exercise routines. As an expert in the health and wellness field, I incorporate a wide variety of skills, tools, and techniques to help optimize their health by looking at the whole person, a holistic approach. I have a passion for helping people “Discover Their Best Selves” through habit and lifestyle shifts to experience freedom from emotions, stress, and overwhelm.My life is full and busy also as a mother, wife, and caregiver as well as an active lifestyle playing sports (soccer, volleyball, and softball.) My daily goal is to continue discovering my best self and living my best life while connecting and serving others.