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Parenting Your LGBTQ Child or Teenager

Appointment Length

1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

For some families, their child's coming out journey is a simple, easy conversation over the breakfast table. But for others - whether because of religious convictions or just upbringing - a child's coming out can be an emotionally challenging and even relationally divisive experience. Heather brings her experience growing up in the evangelical church, serving in Christian leadership, and parenting LGBTQ teenagers, along with professional training and experience working with organizations like the Gilbert Centre and Generous Space to parents as they seek to navigate their child’s coming out journey, examine religiously held convictions that may make this more difficult, deal with family members who may take a negative approach and navigate their own fears, concerns and emotions. No question, fear or emotion is forbidden. Heather creates space for you to process this transition yourself, enabling you to better show up to parent and care for your child or teenager.

Service Requirements

If you are a new client, please complete an intake form at https://forms.gle/Tqk2QJx8AkEWsum18 prior to your first session.

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