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Autism Partner Coach

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1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

Maybe you knew before you started the relationship that one or both of you was on the autism spectrum. Maybe it wasn't until you got your child's autism diagnosis that you began to suspect it. Maybe it's one of you - maybe it's both of you. Maybe the other person will admit it - maybe they won't. Regardless, here you are in a partnership as an autistic or with an autistic (or both!) and you are beginning to notice that not only are there some issues, but that none of the books of marriage or partnership seem to 'work' for you. Is it hopeless? Or maybe you have been in relationships that haven't worked out (or longing for relationships that never began in the first place) for a while now but wonder how that will ever be possible because of your autism? With 21 years of the highs and lows of neurodivergent marriage under her belt, Heather offers a unique perspective, compassionate curiosity and practical tools to help you and your partner work through the misunderstandings, sensory issues, executive functioning challenges and scattered skills so common among people with autism to carve a relationship that is uniquely - and successfully - yours.

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If this is your first time seeing me as a client, please feel out the Intake Form found here https://forms.gle/Kdm9zXpHJr2krQHJ9 prior to our visit.

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