Andrea Nicole

Nutrition Therapist Master


Professional statement

Hi I’m Andrea! I’m a Nutrition Therapy Master and creator of the Nourished Magnolia nutrition practice. I help others support their mental and physical health, recover from chronic stress and trauma, and get to the root of their health issues using functional nutrition and breathwork techniques. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, chronic stress, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, depression, or autoimmunity - I’d be honored to help you repair the health of your body and mind.

My greatest joys in life come from being a mama, my love for cooking, spending time in the garden, and learning how to use the power of plants as medicine. My approach to healing involves a combination of nutrition therapy, breathwork, and mindset strategies.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced many of my own health issues including chronic stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, and adrenal fatigue – to name a few. Through each one of these challenges, I turned to holistic nutrition and lifestyle strategies for healing. Discovering and implementing these strategies has played an essential role in a healing journey that has taken me from surviving to thriving.

Health is more than just physical. Along my journey, I’ve learned how closely our experiences are tied to our nutritional imbalances and health. Our personal stories are connected to the symptoms that are manifesting in our bodies right now.

My experiences have become my fuel to furthering my understanding of holistic healing, using it to optimize my health and to help others do the same.
If you are ready for true and lasting healing I’d love to connect with you.

  • Nutrition Therapy Master


  • Metro State University - BA - Behavioral Science