Clarice Cabanlit

Professional Life Coach

Tagaytay,  Cavite 

Professional statement

I am a Certified Professional Coach who helps working professionals around the topics of purpose, focus, performance, and productivity. I am passionate about seeing people realize their potential, so they can fully live out their calling.

As a life coach, I facilitate the growth of my clients by helping them find clarity on the aspects in which they want to develop. We set goals and objectives, as well as milestones for monitoring and accountability. Throughout the coaching engagement, I make sure to provide clients with the right balance of support and challenge so they can have the courage to truly reach for their dreams.

With me as your coach:
You will be able to gain greater awareness of yourself, see things from different perspectives, explore multiple options, come across new discoveries, formulate solutions, and create possibilities to move forward in the area that you want to be coached on.

I operate from a space where I believe that you are whole, capable, and resourceful. I'll walk alongside you, so you can start taking action toward achieving what you want for your career, work performance, business, or overall health.

You may be asking, "Who is coaching most useful for?"

The answer is "anyone who wants to live a more focused and joyful life"!

Are you going through a stage in your life where you feel lost, confused, or conflicted about many things?

Are you feeling a lack of motivation for the job that you're doing? Do you notice a lack of connection with the people around you (such as your co-workers, your friends, or even your family)? Do you have a desire to level up your life and aspire for new things, but you don't know how?

Does it seem like you've become a rudderless ship drifting on an overwhelming ocean of uncertainty?

My mission is to help people like you get up and move into action toward finding success and satisfaction in life.

  • Certified Coaching Professional
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Focused Living Facilitator


  • Southville International Schools and Colleges - Master of Arts in Psychology (in progress)
  • Transformation Academy - Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification
  • The Johns Hopkins University - Psychological First Aid