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ACTON MA MS Athletic Training, Personal Trainer, Health Coach
June Melia

June Melia

MS Athletic Training, Personal Trainer, Health Coach


Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with a degree in Athletic Training and more than 20 years of experience helping her clients get healthier and reach their goals!

Brooksville Florida Certified Level II Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor Personal Trainer,Senior Fitness Trainer,Personal Coach,Meditation Teacher,Tai Chi Instructor,Qigong Instructor,Private Personal Trainer,Personal Trainer for Women,Fitness Instructor,Breathwork,Holistic Health,Mental Health,Sleep Therapy,Mental Therapy,Sound Therapy,Spiritual Cleansing,Weight Loss Coach,Alternative Health Doctor,Mental Wellness,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Kung Fu,Qigong,Martial Arts Training,Muay Thai Training,Aikido Training,Mixed Martial Arts,Taekwondo Class,Tai Chi,Athletic Training,Strength Training for Women,Fitness Class,Plyometrics,Obesity Care,Spiritual Mentor,Women's Health,Anxiety Coach,Mindfulness Class,Stress Coach,Sleep Coach,Energy Coach
Paula Nelson

Paula Nelson

Certified Level II Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor
Offers virtual services


Welcome. I'm a retired U.S. Army officer and former newspaper editor who embarked on my journey into Tai Chi while still in active service. Although my initial interest was piqued during my military days, my pursuit of Tai Chi was temporarily sidelined by time constraints and professional respons…

Frequently asked questions


How can I make a same-day appointment with a Aikido Training in Queensbury?

Same day appointments are available with many Aikido Instructors. For the most part, clients who use Sofia to search for a Aikido Training in Queensbury can schedule an appointment and see the Aikido Training within 24 hours. You can search for real-time availability of Aikido Instructors in Queensbury and make an appointment online today.


How can I book an appointment online with a Aikido Training in Queensbury?

Sofia is a free online service that helps clients find Aikido Instructors in Queensbury and book appointments instantly. You can search for Queensbury Aikido Instructors by symptom, health goal or visit reason. You can explore Aikido Training services, book a virtual appointment, join group classes or schedule an initial consultation. 


How can I find a top-rated Aikido Training in Queensbury?

You can use Sofia to find Aikido Instructors in Queensbury who are highly rated. View each Aikido Instructors education, license and certification credentials. Watch their video introductions and book a virtual consultation see if they are a good fit for you.  


How can I schedule a virtual visit with a Aikido Training in Queensbury?

Almost all Aikido Instructors in Queensbury on Sofia have virtual visits available. Every Aikido Training can be scheduled online for either in-person or virtual appointments. When you book your session, choose in person or online.  


How can I find a Queensbury Aikido Training who sees clients after hours?

On Sofia, you can search specifically for Queensbury Aikido Instructors with availability after normal business hours.


How can I find same day appointments near me for Aikido Instructors in Queensbury?

Sofia lets you see real-time availability for Aikido Instructors in Queensbury. Many Aikido Instructors offer same day appointments.  


How can I find a Aikido Training in Queensbury who sees clients during the weekend?

Sofia let's you see real-time availability for Aikido Instructors in Queensbury. Many Aikido Instructors offer appointments on Saturdays and Sundays.


How can I find group classes near me from Aikido Instructors in Queensbury?

Sofia lets you search for live group classes from the leading Aikido Instructors. You can sign up for individual virtual group classes from Aikido Instructors today or you can purchase a membership to Sofia Prime for access to unlimited monthly classes.


How can I search for Aikido Training products in Queensbury?

Sofia lets you shop for Aikido Instructors products. You can shop health and wellness products from the Sofia Marketplace or go to your favorite Aikido Instructors page directly. 


How can I find live classes near me with Aikido Instructors in Queensbury?

Sofia lets you take live classes from leading Aikido Instructors. You can sign up for virtual group classes from Aikido Instructors today.


Where can I find a licensed and credentialed Aikido Training near me in Queensbury?

Sofia lets you search for educated, licensed, and credentialed Aikido Instructors professionals. You can ensure you are booking with the right Aikido Training for you based on credentials, language, and more.


Queensbury, NY


Queensbury is a town in Warren County, New York, United States. It contains the county seat of Warren County, located at a municipal center complex on U.S. Route 9 south of the village of Lake George. It was moved to the complex in 1963 from the original county seat of Lake George. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Warren County, New York, Queensbury is a vibrant town located at the southern tip of Lake George. Boasting a population of approximately 31,800 residents as of the 2021 census, Queensbury enjoys a strategic location near the Adirondack Mountains, making it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

The town's economy is diverse, encompassing thriving industries such as tourism, healthcare, and retail. Serving as a gateway to the Adirondacks, Queensbury attracts visitors eager to explore the scenic beauty of the region. Notable establishments include Glens Falls Hospital, a prominent healthcare facility offering comprehensive medical services to the community, and various retail outlets contributing to the town's economic vibrancy.

Prioritizing the well-being of its residents, Queensbury provides numerous opportunities for health and wellness. The Glens Falls YMCA stands as a central hub for fitness and community engagement, offering fitness classes, sports programs, and wellness initiatives. Additionally, Queensbury's parks, including Queensbury Parks & Recreation and Gurney Lane Recreation Area, provide residents with spaces for outdoor activities, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

Highlighting Queensbury's commitment to healthcare, Glens Falls Hospital ensures residents have access to high-quality medical services. The town actively promotes wellness through organized events and initiatives, fostering a community dedicated to maintaining a balanced and healthy way of life.


Top Sites in Queensbury, NY are the  Lake George, Adirondack Outlet Mall, and  The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor.


Population: 31,800 (2021). Elevation: 344 feet. ZIP Code: 12804. Area code: 518. Founded: 1786. Area: 64.5 square miles.




What outdoor activities are available in Queensbury, NY?

Queensbury offers a plethora of outdoor activities, from exploring the scenic beauty of Lake George to enjoying water attractions at Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor. The town's parks and recreational areas also provide opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor pursuits.


Are there quality healthcare facilities in Queensbury, NY?

Yes, Queensbury is home to Glens Falls Hospital, a leading healthcare institution providing a wide range of medical services to residents and visitors.


Is Queensbury, NY, family-friendly?

Absolutely. Queensbury's family-friendly environment is enhanced by parks, recreational areas, and attractions suitable for all ages. The town's commitment to community well-being makes it an ideal place for families to settle and thrive.



Wikipedia - Queensbury, New York

Queensbury, NY 

Lake George

Adirondack Outlet Mall

The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor

Town of Queensbury

City Data


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