Nataliya Bryantsev

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

English, Russian

Professional statement

I welcome anyone who is looking for lasting nutrition and lifestyle improvements in accordance with the latest science and research on nutrition, health, and wellness and/or their personal preferences.
Being in Best Health educates clients about the science-based health-supporting holistic nutrition and lifestyle options, which cover meals, snacks, nutrients, beverages, food preparation, exercise, environment, and relaxation.
Implementing health-supporting practices can help people feel and look better, improve digestion and energy, and lose undesired weight.
My focus is on plant-based nutrition, weight loss, weight maintenance, and digestive health. I offer holistic nutrition and wellness coaching as individual consultations or packages.
We can work together on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
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Disclaimer: Please, note that as a Nutrition Consultant, Health/Wellness Coach, and Yoga instructor, I do not diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate, manage, or cure any physical or mental health condition. I do not prescribe or advise any specific dietary or lifestyle modifications, supplements, foods, food products, or beverages. I educate about the scientifically discovered general benefits of whole foods, plant-based nutrition, and other generally beneficial lifestyle choices. My services are solely educational and informational in nature, never intended to delay or partially or fully replace the appropriate evaluation and treatment by the licensed primary care provider. If you have or suspect any physical or mental health issues, you have to see your primary care doctor for appropriate evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment and follow their recommendations. Booking my services indicates your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Graduate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Yoga Instructor 500 RYT


  • American College of Healthcare Sciences - Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition
  • American College of Healthcare Sciences - Master of Science in Health and Wellness (2021)
  • St-Petersburg Medical Academy - Doctor of Medicine