Karl Leiderman

Health and Fitness Coach


Professional statement

Hello and welcome to my landing page for the over 50 years young man or woman who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, have increased energy, reverse chronic illness, stabilize your mood, and be that active person you used to be or want to be again

I am a healthy, over 50 years old young man. I walk, jog, sprint, bike, exercise with heavy weights, live with purpose, have a stable, level mood, have no chronic illnesses, take no medications, and have a healthy libido. I wasn't always this healthy. I had a lot of health issues for which doctors could only prescribe medications which were expensive, masked the problems, or didn't really work at all. Fed up and exhausted, I decided to be proactive about my health and life. I did the research, experimented on myself and found what worked for me - it took years but I succeeded. Now, I walk the talk. That experience taught me how to teach others on an individual basis with a customized approach. I lead by example as an experienced, certified health, wellness, and fitness coach specializing in helping men and women over 50 who are overweight, tired, fatigued, suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, and absolutely positively fed up with feeling this way and looking for a fresh start for their health and their lives.

You're probably reading this because you know deep down that something about your health has gone off track. Maybe you're scared about your future, maybe not, but you know deep down that you could use some guidance, some advice, someone on your side who is knowledgeable yet not judgemental and who can be your personal cheerleader and health mentor. Someone who knows how to listen and get to the root cause of your concerns. Someone who cares about your health and cares about helping you reach your goals. Someone who has been there and done that. Well, that someone is me. I can help you along your health creation journey. I can teach you and cheer you on to becoming that active, healthy, energetic and vibrant man or women over 50 that you envision for yourself.

If you want to lose weight, gain some muscle, have increased energy, reverse chronic illness, stabilize your mood, and be that active person you used to be or want to be again, then let's talk by phone or video chat using zoom. Our initial consultation will get right to the point and at no cost to you. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain - maybe even your life. So, invest in yourself. And remember, life is short - live it with purpose and health!

Thanks for reading my Personal Statement. I hope to hear from you, soon, before it's too late. I wish you the very best.

Coach Karl

  • Primal Health Coach Certified
  • Certified Carnivore Coach
  • Certified Fasting Coach


  • Mathematics/University of Washington, Seattle - Bachelor of Arts
  • Certified Primal Health Coach/Primal Health Coach Institute - Certificate
  • Certified Carnivore and Fasting Coach/Meatrx.com