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I am a yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and intuitive astrology guide. But first and foremost I am a human; a daughter of this earth, a child of the moon, and a wild woman dedicated to living a fully aligned and radiant life.When I was 25 I quit my corporate sales job, broke up with my long term boyfriend, sublet our city apartment, and booked a one way ticket to Bali (my own little Eat, Pray, Love journey). I signed up for my first yoga teacher training and with absolutely no plan for the future, I surrendered to any possibilities that came my way. I ended up spending the next 4 years backpacking across Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America, and Northern Africa. I spent my summers in my hometown on Cape Cod, hustling between waitressing shifts at night and teaching yoga during the day to fund my insatiable appetite for seeing the world and experiencing her many different cultures. It wasn’t until my second visit to Bali at the end of 2017 that I felt like it was time to slow down and plant roots. I was craving more stability and space to really develop the foundation for my life’s work to come through. So I decided to put my backpack away and take some time to ground. Within that time I’ve transitioned to teaching yoga full time, have led 2 international retreats, countless classes and workshops, taught at festivals, and become a part of a lovely community. I’ve also gone on a bit of a deep dive into my own being, discovering puzzle pieces of my soul on a sort of spiritual treasure hunt. Every layer peeled back has revealed a deeper understanding of who I am and what I am here to offer the world.As a yoga teacher, I seek to plant a seed. I hope to guide you out of your head and back into the wisdom of your incredible body. My classes are intuitive, spacious, and soulful. You are encouraged to slow down, tune in, and move in a way that feels organic and expressive.As a breathwork healer, I am here to hold space as you begin to unravel into your truth. I create a safe container for soulful expression. One in which you are free to surrender, unwind, process, grieve, FEEL, and transform. It is deep work and something I do not take lightly. There is potent magic to be discovered when you allow yourself to explore your shadow. I aim to share the resources, tools, and skills that have helped me in my own healing process. I believe we are our own greatest healers and the true magic lies within that remembrance. My work and my offerings are in continuous evolution. I have created the space for this work to unfold organically and I love to witness where it takes me. Currently, I am calling Cape Cod home but I’m a gypsy at heart and continue to follow Spirit’s whispers around the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many diverse communities around the globe through both online and in person offerings and I’m consistently excited to witness others doing the work. I’m not quite sure where my journey is taking me but I’m definitely enjoying the ride.

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1 hour 15 minutes

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Breathwork is an active meditation technique that shifts and alchemizes stuck energy in the body. Through the power of intentional breath we are able to enter an altered state of consciousness to access, process, and release emotional debris from our cellular memory. This may include working through conditioned behaviors, reprogramming subconscious limiting beliefs, unraveling past traumas, repressed emotions, and physical tension. Resulting in a recalibration of the nervous system, a feeling of clarity, elevation, and alignment.In this intuitively crafted container, you are given the space to peel back layers, to shed, release, and return to the authentic truth of your being. I’ll give you a brief overview of the current astrology and how it may be relevant to your healing and then we will move into the work. Sessions include about 35 minutes of active breathwork and I always offer intuitive guidance and suggested practices & rituals to support you after your experience.

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