Melissa Lee

Functional Health Coach

Los Angeles,  CA 

Professional statement

Hi! I work well with women, especially women with PCOS to work on changing their lifestyle and environment for symptom management.

I am a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am now working on getting my Functional Medicine certification.

I apply Functional Medicine principles (finding out the root cause of your health concerns) to my coaching and use my personal PCOS experience when working alongside my clients.

One of my clients had irregular periods and after two months of working together, she got her period more consistently.

These are big wins on top of daily habits that she put effort into. I work via the domains of nutrition, stress management and detoxification to find regularity in periods, balanced hormones, clearer skin and hope for conceiving successfully.

I am currently using functional medicine tenets in my practice and am looking to work with men as well.

  • Certified Health Coach


  • School of Applied Functional Medicine - Currently In Progress
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Certified Health Coach
  • University of Leeds - Bachelor's in Medical Sciences