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Women's Health: lack of menstruation (amenorrhea)

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1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

This specific session is designed for women who are dealing with hormonal imbalance specifically evidenced via a lack of a regular period. These sessions will likely be booked on a regular basis, until the individual has started to have a regular menstrual cycle. Nutrition recommendations, dietary protocol, herbal remedies and lifestyle suggestions will be implemented and specifically designed to the needs of the individual client.

Service Requirements

This particular session can be booked after scheduling my “initial wellness consult”. It is important to book the initial consult as it is where we will go through an in-depth history, questionnaire and educational material.

What goals do you have regarding hormonal balance?

When was your last menstrual cycle?

What is your current activity level?


Q: Cancellation Policy
A: Any cancellations within 24 hours will be charged $50 and the transaction fee (from stripe)

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