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Ahhh, what an exhilarating feeling when your sleep quality improves. Unfortunately, at times with our never ending To Do Lists and the demands upon our time often leaves our minds whirling even when all we truly want is a good night’s sleep. Are you have difficulty settling down at night? Sure you initially fall asleep only to wake several hours later and your mind begins to race with all that you need to do the next day. You toss and turn, constantly looking at the clock and thinking, “okay, if I fall asleep now, I will get four hours of sleep, then three hours of sleep, and so on. You finally doze off and wake again with the impending thought of the alarm. You finally give up and toss your covers off, shuffle to the kitchen and brew your favorite cup of tea or coffee, with the hope with a caffeine fix will sustain you through the morning. The caffeine may help at first but over time it’s only a band-aid.

What if I told you, “Reiki can help to promote deep relaxation, reducing stress, and tension in the body and mind.” I know first hand it does, through my own experience and that of my clients. Truly providing a peaceful night’s sleep so you may enjoy the following day with your new found energy and clarity.

For the longest time, I would fight the tossing and turning pleading with the Universe, “please let me sleep” to no avail. Until the day I accepted Reiki as my way of life. By changing my mindset (more next week on how changing your mindset, changes your life), that sleep will engulf me through the restorative holistic means of Reiki. I now experience a solid seven hours of sleep of night (and believe me, that’s a lot for me, as my nights at one time were filled with more awake time then sleep), creating a much brighter morning and disposition.

I’d enjoy chatting with you about how Reiki can benefit you. Ask your questions in the comments or email me privately at donna@energyofserenity.com to get the conversation going.

Until then and every day, please know you are beautiful and worthy of all the very best.

Donna McDine
Reiki Master Teacher &
Award-winning children’s author

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