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The 3 Minute Meltdown Miracle + Meltdown Coursebook

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The strategy I teach inside the 3 Minute Meltdown Miracle™ is the same one I used to get my own child using communication skills over yelling, coping over hitting, and connection over fights!

It’s the same strategy I used to teach parents how to help their children stay calm, connected, and confident at any age!

(Which is the foundation of my parenting community The HAP Method)

It's the same strategy that so many busy parents use every.single.day.

And it's the same strategy I've now taught to over hundreds of parents around the world.

Now, I want to teach it to YOU.

With the Meltdown Coursebook you can stay organized, and enhance you course experience. The Meltdown Coursebook is the full color 30+ Page Pdf guide that includes every detail of the course so you don’t have to take copious notes or screenshots.

The Meltdown Coursebook includes all the video slides, audio tests, charts, graphs, quizzes, worksheets, journal prompts; and more! While you have course access for 30days from purchase, this Meltdown Coursebook is yours to keep for life! So you can refer back to it as often as needed, and print multiple copies to serve each of your unique children (and any more in the future ;))!

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