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Meditation Workshop - 1 Hour

Appointment Length

1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Meditation workshops include two parts: 1) learning and 2) experiencing. During the first portion, participants will learn about the benefits of yoga nidra and why they should incorporate it into their lives. After a brief break, participants will have the opportunity to experience yoga nidra for themselves. This workshop is ideal for those new to meditation. This workshop is great for groups of people who work together and serves as a team building or off-site event. Additionally, this workshop can be modified to focus on any of the following areas: stress management, overcoming emotional challenges, overall health, physical health, resilience training, personal growth or tactical training.

Yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation that invites practitioners into a deep state of self-inquiry. Studies show that yoga nidra increases resilience, wellness, heart rate variability and the ability to overcome challenges, while decreasing symptoms of stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

Service Requirements

For those participating online, all clients must have high-speed Internet, a computer or cellphone with camera for video calls and a space to practice. Clients will fill out a questionnaire during the first session to support Alexis in creating sessions to meet their needs.

For those participating in-person, a quiet, enclosed space is required as well as a projector for presenting materials.

All clients should consult their primary physician or healthcare provider before beginning any kind of physical or mental well-being practices.


Q: How many people can participate in this workshop?
A: As many as you have!

Q: Does anyone in our group need to have prior meditation experience to benefit from this workshop?
A: None! No "previous experience" is required to receive the full benefits.

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