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A discussion will be had between Donna and her client as to the health benefits of meditation and how you can easily incorporate meditation into their daily life.

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"There is so much to be gained from meditating every day, the health and vitality benefits are available to anyone who makes the time to practice this ancient and powerful practice. A way of life for many serious individuals, meditation is widely known and appreciated by people from all walks of life, however, not all practitioners are aware of the many benefits to meditating regularly.

Some people only choose to sit in stillness and silence because they are told or instructed to do so, like at a martial arts class, depending on the art being studied, it is common for many eastern masters to promote meditation before and after sessions for clarity and energy conservation before training, and after to calm the mind, allow energy to flow back to its internal bank and to revitalise the spirit. There is a reason why masters use meditation, and this alone should get your attention.

Same with other art forms like Chi Gong and Yoga, or healing arts like Shamanism or Reiki, these all rely on meditation to affect a variety of health and wellness aspects. The benefits of meditation when coupled with other similar practices are astonishing, seeing many people having fixed or improved many areas of their personal everyday lives, thanks to their smart choice to make an addition like meditation in their lives.

Used for enhancing concentration and information retention, great for studying, especially for people who have difficulty remembering details, just try 15-20 minutes of meditation before you begin with your study and you’ll notice the difference that it makes."

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