Spiritual & Religious

Initial Consult

Appointment Length

0 hour 20 minutes

Service Description

How can I help? Let's have a brief chat so we can see how my wellness coaching can help with your specific situation. It's just enough time for you to give a high-level introduction to your problem and for me to explain if and how I can help you.

Service Requirements

This is for first-time clients and completely free.

[Note: My services constitute coaching and mentoring, and not therapy.]


Q: What is an Initial Consult?
A: An Initial Consult is for first-time clients who are looking for help and want to know if this is the right place to go.

Q: How much does an Initial Consult cost?
A: Nothing! Just book a time on my calendar and let's talk.

Q: What if I need more than 20 minutes?
A: No problem! At the end of the Initial Consult, we can discuss whether you will need to book a Wellness Coaching session. If so, that will be a separate appointment.

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