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Hypnotherapy to help Release Emotions & Habits and Create Positive Identity

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The subconscious mind – our “inner voice” – controls quite a bit about how we feel about ourselves.

Our unconscious thoughts can be ardent supporters, telling us to feel good about the way we look and our abilities. Or the subconscious can be a fierce critic, filling our minds with negative, unhealthy thoughts about ourselves.

The problem is: Overcoming these negative thoughts is a real challenge.

These thoughts are automatic and deeply embedded in our minds. You look in the mirror – in an instant – the subconscious tells you not to like what you see. It happens unconsciously, automatically.

In other words, low self-esteem is often the result of flaws in our subconscious. Our automatic thoughts aren’t rational. They aren’t based in fact – very often becoming embedded in childhood – and they’re overly critical and unhealthy.

But what if these thoughts could be quieted, or better yet, removed altogether? What if we could gain control over our inner voice and re-teach it to be more supportive, positive and helpful?
That’s the basis of confidence hypnosis.

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