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Herbal Tea Meditation Ceremony

Appointment Length

1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

This class / ceremony can only take place in person. The purpose of the class is to help individuals tune into their body and discover how herbs can provide a beneficial healing properties to their bodies. Participants will be provided with a blank sheet of paper and given a cup of herbal tea. None of the participants will know what type of herb they are being presented. Initially, the participants will have to smell the herbal tea and after a couple of minutes jot down how the herb is making them feel and what images come to mind. Next, each participants will take a few sips of the tea and then after a moment of meditation also write down how the herb is making them feel and where in their body they think it is impacting. Participants will spend a period of time reflecting on the herb and what benefit they think it has for their individual person. The group will then discuss their thoughts regarding the herb and how it makes them feel. Eventually, each participant will be provided with a piece of paper discussing what the herb is, where it is sourced and what benefit it typically has on the human body. The participants and presenter will then discuss how their thoughts lined up with the actual materia medica of the herb.

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A: Any cancellations within 24 hours will be charged $60 and the transaction fee (from stripe)

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