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Free Discovery Call

Appointment Length

0 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

I'd love to know how I can serve you as a coach. Let's explore if we're a good fit in working together as you journey toward achieving your goals.

These are some of the things that we can talk about in the call:

- Things that are working and not working in your life
- What you think will become possible for you by signing up for coaching
- The value of coaching for you
- Your level of commitment toward making coaching work
- The kind of support you need at this time

Book a Free Discovery Call with me.

Service Requirements

Please take time to think deeply about what you expect to achieve by getting a coach. The points of discussion outlined in the service description can be a guide for this reflective process.


Q: What is a Discovery Call?
A: This is a complimentary call where we can talk about the possibility of working together

Q: Is this free?
A: Yes, you don't have to pay anything for the Discovery Session.

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