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Discovery Call - Holistic Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Appointment Length

0 hour 20 minutes

Service Description

This FREE 20-minute session is your first step to better health for the long haul!
Discover how a functional nutrition approach and my signature Foundations Program will help you overcome your biggest health challenges. Come to the call with your questions, concerns and expectations (and I will do the same!)

See you there!

Service Requirements

This session is required for all potential clients. You must fill out and submit a brief intake form 48 hours before your session time. Please go to this page to receive the Discovery Call Intake Form Link: https://www.landongilfillan.com/discovery-call-intake-optin


Q: Does booking The Discovery Call obligate me to your services?
A: No. It is simply a way to find out more about me and how functional nutrition consulting can support you in your health journey.

Q: Will I be able to start Nutritional Consulting with you once The Discovery Call is complete?
A: If we both decide working together is a good fit, then yes. It may also depend on your specific circumstances and the need to complete a preliminary dietary program before diving deep into your health concerns and history.

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