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3-Month Intuitive Business Building

Appointment Length

12 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Are you needing help and guidance on where to start in setting up your online business?

Intuitive Business Building might just be the package for you! It's a blend of coaching and mentorship for new business owners setting up their business, finding their voice, and working through the nuances of administrative and logistics of many moving pieces of setting up an online business.

With a decade of experience in online business management, I will partner with you to design the dream business that you want, identify the steps to take it build it and slowly build it together at your pace.

As I'm a holistic coach, we will also tackle the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that pop up along the way. Often, it's not really the complexity of the task that holding you back from executing it but the limiting beliefs or underlying trauma associated with it that your body remembers.

It's a 3-month program that we will design together depending on your vision and needs but roughly here's what I wish to cover with you:
- Identifying your niche
- Creating your service suite/offerings
- Time blocking (what will you do and when?)
- Your business' mission, vision, and identity
- Brand board building
- Assistance on website creation (I will not setup your website but I will assist you in doing it)
- Website copy format creation
- Assistance in setting up your tools: payment gateway, booking tools, invoicing tools, client management tools, and delivering your coaching service tools
- Assistance in setting up the social media platform that works for you and strategizing on how you want to show up, what your topic pillars are and who your ideal audience is
- Social Media Posting System Process to be able to integrate a VA in the future to help you automate this process
- Launching your offers (1:1 coaching program, membership, or group coaching program)

I have limited slots for this service so be sure to reserve yours! :)


Q: How much is the 3-month program?
A: It's $1,500 for 3 months with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans.

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