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Are you looking for a partner to help you transform your idea into reality? A partner to back up your ideas and help you accomplish your goals and dreams? From events to social media, here are the ways I can help you.

• Events - You've been given the vision to serve but you don't know where to start. You know you want to have a transformative event but the vision seems too big to execute it alone. Your self-doubt is giving you three good reasons why you should hold off until next year. Release your fear. You don't have to do it alone. From calming your mind and igniting your flame to facilitating a mini-workshop and hosting your guests, I will assist you in ensuring your event is a transformational success!

• Social Media - Going Live on social media platforms is a proven strategy to be more visible in your follower's feeds and more importantly connect with them in real-time, Today's consumers buy into you, not your brand. It can be daunting going live in front of an audience you can't see or hear. Release your fear. You don't have to do it alone! As your accountability partner, we will hop on live together for 30 minutes to engage in a pre-discussed conversation with your audience allowing you to get comfortable and gain confidence in front of the camera. The more you go live the longer your brand lives.

• 7 Day Challenge - If you thought going Live was engaging, a 7-day challenge is all up in your face mode! Challenges give your audience the feeling of growing together which inherently builds a stronger community. Showing up every day will give your audience an incentive to trust you and your brand as well as share your challenge with friends, growing your community exponentially. Are your creative juices all dried up? Release your Fear. You don't have to do it alone! I will assist you in creating a challenge, hashtag, and prompt to keep your followers engaged for 7 days adding value to both your brand and their lives.

Unconditional Love + Gratitude, Lenise I look forward to building and transforming with you!!

On a mission of Self Love for All Souls, Lenise forges a safe space for you to pivot your perspective to your spiritual wellness and shift your energy to align with abundance in all forms. Using one of a kind crafted exercises personal rituals to achieve set intentions, Reverend Lenise’s mission is to help women apply the art of forgiveness, discover the value of gratitude, and honor their powers of creation to sustain positive mental health, business success, and healthy relationships with themselves and others; setting a new standard for future generations.

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