Alaura Pittman


Professional statement

I am Alaura Pittman, an aromatherapist, and student of herbs. I believe plants are our greatest allies, and that tackling our emotional well-being can aid in our body's health and dis-ease. My passion is helping others discover their unique path to self-healing.

I began studying the healing power of plants in an attempt to to live a more sustainable life and connect to deeper, ancestral healing. I want to show everyone how accessible plant medicine can be. You don’t have to be a yogi or a calm, centered, blissful person 24/7 to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and herbs.

  • Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist Certification


  • Aromatherapy Sanctuary

$45.00 per appointment

Category : Hair & Skin Care
Subcategory : Face



Get a personalized essential oil blend to manage acne

Appointment Length

0 hour 45 minutes

Service Description

We will work together to formulate a custom blend suited to your unique skin care needs.
We will meet by zoom or telephone and I will mail you your completed blend after our session.

Service Requirements

Please fill out intake form prior to scheduled meeting


Ques : Can I use essential oils in place of my current skin care regimen for my acne? Or as a complement?
Ans : Aromatherapy is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition Please consult with your doctor about the use of essential oils Essential oils and carrier oils can be wonderful allies in your skin care routine

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