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Professional statement

I’m Jill Johnson, an Integrative Health Coach with a passion for living well … lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and wine! Also, I love feeling my best in mind, body, and soul. I have always been fascinated by the human body and believe we are truly what we eat, breathe, sleep, and think.​As a Certified Integrative Health Coach I partner with my clients to create healthy habits and help them live with vitality. I’m their champion to manage or prevent disease, lose weight, or simply to feel better. When appropriate I work with their practitioners, offering an integrated approach with their road to recovery from a diagnosis or procedure. Ultimately, allowing them to achieve success in reaching sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors so they can participate more fully in life.

  • Duke IM Certified Integrative Health Coach


  • Duke Integrative Medicine

$100.00 per appointment

Category : Health
Subcategory : Digestive



Fighting Fatigue

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1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Many things cause fatigue. If you are a professional mature woman that can't seem to simply feel good, you feel stressed, fatigued and just not very vital, you may be surprised at how making small changes can make a big difference. Coaching will help you get to the bottom of the cause of YOUR fatigue, and give you tools to make healthy sustainable lifestyle changes so you can live with vitality. Having energy for each day you set out to conquer! Book your complimentary call today.

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To be determined upon commitment to work together, after your complimentary consultation.


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