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Joan Spicer


Professional statement

Hi. I'm Joan.

I believe there are many beautiful people in this world but they don't get to show it because of their weight issues.

I'm a coach who has been helping men and women lose weight and maintain their weight for over 18 years.

I have worked with the following companies: Jenny Craig, L.A. Weight Loss, Quick Weight Loss, and Figure World Fitness Center. I have personally lost over 50 pounds after the birth of my children and have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals!



  • Lifestyle Coaching from ACC

$995.00 per appointment

Category : Nutrition
Subcategory : Weight



All the Weight & stabilization

Appointment Length

1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Includes weekly consultation. Custom diet plan. Guidance for eating out.

Service Requirements

Please respond to the following questions via chat once you are booked:
1. How high is your motivation? (Low, Medium, High)
2. What is your family's support? (Low, Medium, High)
3. List any health issues or food allergies.
4. How would you describe your current health?
5. Starting weight.
6. Goal weight.
7. Start size.
8. Goal size.
9. Measurements: chest: waist: hips:


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