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(Un)Broken- A Memoir

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Written by Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron

Comes with free Digital Downloads of 11 songs (companion album)
and Audiobook (instructions are in the book)

(Un)Broken, by Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron, is a personal and deeply relatable memoir about a journey from grief and emotional pain to healing and finding oneself.

Tajci uses a unique blend of storytelling, poetry, diary entries, music, and photography to write about turning the anxiety of an artist’s block into a safe space. This is how she was able to dig deep into the anxiety, and, with the guidance of her therapist, allow each song she records (for an album she wasn’t planning to make) to bring her healing but also an unexpected resolution.

“Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron is a portrait in vulnerability and authenticity. I am overjoyed that she is sharing the fruits of her transformative journey in this multimedia feast of expressive arts!

She beautifully shares from the depths of her heart, seamlessly weaving in stories, photographs, songs, and deep spiritual reflections.

Step in and accept this invitation to dance with Tajci’s loving spirit! I thank Tajci for the gift of her humanity to us all.”

- Dr. Jamie Marich, clinical trauma specialist, author, expressive artist, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness

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