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Tangerine Spa Set

Product Description

There's nothing better than treating yourself or someone you love with an energizing spa set. Nourish and rejuvenate your body with these bath essentials!

Tangerine Sundowner Soap:

Start your day right with this sudsy treat! This tangerine soap is made with the most delicious tangerine scent to whist you away to a sunny getaway!

Tangerine Sundowner Botanical Bath Salts:

Let your body and mind be whisked away as the Himalayan salts soothe your muscles. This botanical bath salt is filled with pink salt, tangerine tea and rose petals, this soak is our most popular blend and loved by athletes worldwide!

Safari Sunshine 8oz Lotion:

The ideal orangey scent to help you wake the hell up and kick ass! Use on body and hands for a refreshed morning glow. Made from 98.5% all natural ingredients.

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