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Juice Plus+ Perform Shake Mix (60 servings)

Product Description

A fruit fusion flavored shake that gives you protein to build your muscles, mental focus to support your workout, and energy to help you stay consistent with your fitness program.
A unique mix of whole food based ingredients that provide essential amino acids and plant-based vitamins that work together to support your active lifestyle.
Suitable for vegans. Gluten-free.
Made without GMO ingredients.
Juice Plus+ Perform is certified for quality and safety by NSF.

Contains 60 servings.

25g high-quality plant-based soy protein per serving.
Naturally occurring B vitamins1 from guava, mango and lemon extracts.
Naturally occurring vitamin C from acerola cherry. Naturally occurring vitamin D from mushroom powder.
Antioxidant and recovery support from beetroot and tart cherry.
Only 6g of sugar per serving from naturally sourced sugars.
Only 15O calories per serving.
Made without GMO ingredients.

Add two scoops (4Og) of powder to 1Ooz (3OOml) of water and mix thoroughly.
If desired, you can mix it with juice or a non-dairy beverage, preferably in a shaker cup or a blender.

Create delicious smoothies with your favorite add-ins like fruits or vegetables.
One serving per day, either an hour before or up to two hours after a workout to maximize benefit.
Consume anytime you would like to add more high-quality protein to your nutritional intake.
Supports muscle growth. Supports muscle recovery. Supports energy production. Supports mental performance. Supports bone health.

Juice Plus+ Perform is not meant to replace a meal or be used for weight loss.


Q: The price seems expensive, why is that?
A: This bundled option provides you with a 4 month supply!

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