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Custom Traditional Mala

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Mala beads are a powerful tool used in various spiritual and mindfulness practices, including yoga, meditation, and prayer. They are traditionally made of 108 beads, although variations with different numbers can also be found.

Mala beads are crafted from a wide range of materials, including gemstones, wood, seeds, or even bone. Each material carries its unique energy and properties, adding an additional layer of intention and symbolism to the practice. For example, amethyst may be used for calming and spiritual growth, while rose quartz is associated with love and compassion.

mala beads are sacred and versatile tools that facilitate mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual practice. They hold deep symbolic value, promote focus and intention, and provide a tangible reminder of one's spiritual journey. Whether used in personal practice or worn as a meaningful accessory, mala beads carry the essence of peace, balance, and spiritual connection.

With this product, you will receive a traditional mala consisting of 108 beads. You can pick the intention and I will recommend a few stones and you get to customize your purchase!

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