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Complete by Juice Plus + Combo Pack

Product Description

High-quality plant proteins. Plant-powered nutrition packed with prebiotic fiber, protein, greens, and a superfood blend of ingredients . Certified Non-GMO + Vegan shake poder. Gluten-free + Low Glycemic . Certified Kosher .

What's included:
- Combo Pack (variety only)

Available in two delicious flavors .
Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla.

Shake or blend 1 serving with 1 cup water, juice or your favorite non-dairy beverage.

For added nutrition and variety, blend with fresh fruit or berries to create your own smoothie recipes!

14g (vanilla) and 13g (chocolate) of water-washed soy and other plant-based proteins including, yellow pea, chickpea powder, and rice.

Our high-quality, minimally processed water-washed soy delivers all 9 essential amino acids.
It provides high absorption and digestibility, and is the only plant protein comparable with animal proteins .
7g of our proprietary blend of soluable and insoluable fiber from fructooligosaccharides (prebiotic fiber), amaranth, millet, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, radish sprouts, and quinoa.

Nutritionally balanced snack packed with protein, fiber, and carbs, plus essential vitamins and minerals to fuel your day (only 140 calories per serving) + Prebiotics for healthy digestion and immune system support + Low glycemic to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels + Contains vitamin C, D and B-vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron to support a healthy lifestyle.

Feel better from the inside out thanks to plant-powered nutrition-packed with prebiotics, fiber, protein, greens, and superfood blend of essential nutrients. Shakes aren’t all you can make with our delicious Juice Plus+ Complete powders!


Q: Q: The price seems expensive, why is that?
A: This bundled option provides you with a 4 month supply!

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