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Be A Rockstar of Transformation - Online Course Book

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This Handbook can be used with the Online Course 'Be a Rock Star of Transformation - A Quest Into the New You!'

Use it as a companion to the online course, or on its own. Great for Daily Journaling!

‘Be a Rock Star of Transformation’ is a self-guided Quest, a journey inward that everyone needs to take - and one that no one else can take for us.

In this course (which we call a Quest), you will learn the five elements that are a part of every transformation. Once you learn what they are, you will be able to intentionally use them as simple steps to make big changes in your life.

It is designed for anyone who is:
- Feeling stuck
- Dealing with depression and anxiety
- Afraid to transition into the next phase of life
- Longing for happiness and fulfillment
- Struggling to overcome guilt and shame
- Emotionally exhausted
- Searching for a practical way to make permanent change

The 'Be a Rock Star of Transformation' Quest consists of 7 Levels. The first level sets up your intention for the quest; in Levels 2-6 you learn about the five elements; and in Level 7 you’ll assess where you are!

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