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The Ultumate Gut Rehab Program

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This is a 12 month Program.

There are 5 steps in this process: Remove, Replace, Re-inculcate, Repair; adding fermented foods to your diet and reintroduction of culprits to determine the true triggers. Your bowels, kidneys, skin and respiration are the key organs. You want to keep your four elimination channels moving as fast as possible.
REMOVE - Elimination Diet 2 weeks minimum, 3 weeks maximum
Identification of any problem foods that cause any gastric distress, bloating or fatigue. The more common foods that cause symptoms such as wheat, gluten, MSG and processed foods can be targeted first.However other foods such as nightshade vegetables, eggs and seafood can often cause issues
REPLACE - Replacing the usual culprits with anti-inflammatory, gut healing foods like omega 3s, turmeric, ginger and most fruits and vegetables.Helping the lining of the GI tract repair itself by supplying these key nutrients/
REPOPULATE/ RE-INCULCATE GOOD GUT BACTERIA Help beneficial bacteria flourish by ingesting probiotic foods and supplements that contain the “good” GI bacteria. that improve your ability to breakdown and digest the foods you are eating.
Repair/Rebalance with colostrum and Aloe Vera. Also transitioning back into a sustainable plan by removing the probiotics and lowering the dose of supplements
Re-introducing the trigger foods slowly to monitor and see if there is any reaction. You should now have reduced the symptoms of your gut issues.
Re-balance - Pay attention to lifestyle choices – sleep, exercise and stress can all affect the GI tract.

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Are you ready to commit 12 weeks of your time to changing your symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, food sensitivities, unexplained stomach pains, skin issues, weight loss and weight gain, arthritis, and autoimmune disorder, food aversions and generally feeling sick?

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