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Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome

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Has one or more of your children left home and are you feeling incredibly sad, lonely, and lost? Does life seem pointless and empty? Do you feel unneeded? Is the silence in your house driving you crazy? Do you burst into tears unexpectedly and for no apparent reason? Do you constantly worry whether your children are ok?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering with empty nest syndrome and want to find your zest for life again after children. It is a difficult time but you can transition successfully towards a happier life!

I can help you learn to put yourself first, process the grief, overcome the loneliness and enjoy life without guilt.

You will reinvent your relationship with your grown-up children, one where you are not always the giver and they are the taker but where you all find new ways of nurturing each other and enjoying interaction.

Midlife after raising children does not have to be a sad, lonely experience. You can create a life full of purpose where you can finally do what matters to you and enjoy the best life has to offer!

Service Requirements

Have you had coaching before? If so, how did it go? If not, what has brought you to seek coaching now?
Are you willing to explore in depth feelings and issues that may make you uncomfortable sometimes? Are you willing to try something new? Are you ready to be open and honest in our sessions?
If so, just book yourself in and let's get started! Your new, happy life need not wait any longer!


Q: What is ‘coaching’?
A: Coaching is a process through which the Client can examine what prevents them from overcoming obstacles, reaching their goals or uncovering their life purpose or whatever other reason stops them from enjoying their life under the guidance of a coach. It is a safe place where the Client can identify their values, express their dreams and make plans to reach their goals without fear of judgment. It is before everything else a dialogue where the Client will elicit from themselves what they know to be true to them. It is a partnership where the coach holds the Client accountable for the results they want to achieve through implementation of a step-by-step plan.

Q: How is coaching different from counselling then?
A: There are similarities (both are processes in the form of a dialogue, encouraging deep introspection) but counselling typically focuses on past events or traumas to try and find a resolution or closure. Coaching focuses on the future and on finding solutions that will enable the Client to get from where they are to where they want to be. Coaching is definitely not therapy. This is a crucial difference. Coaching works on the principle that the client has the resources in him/herself to solve their problems.

Q: Do you guarantee that I will reach my goals ?
A: No, I can’t guarantee that. But I can make sure that your goals are aligned with your values, that they are achievable and I can guide you through a strategy for you to get out of your comfort zone and do your utmost to reach them. And I can guarantee you that you will have some breakthroughs and will come out of the coaching process with a much deeper understanding of yourself. So it will be an enriching experience, right from the first few sessions. But you have to also engage honestly and fully with the process, turn up for our sessions, be authentic and open, and put your energy into achieving your goals. I guarantee you that I will be on time, fully present throughout our sessions and truthful and honest. Furthermore, all you say is confidential and I am non-judgmental. I’m in your corner and will support you and encourage you. It’s not all hard work, I will also celebrate your wins!

Q: What does a coaching session with you look like ?
A: As your coach it is my responsibility to identify what beliefs you hold about yourself and life that are not serving you or are limiting you in one way or another and to help you see that these beliefs can be replaced with more helpful beliefs. So, at times, coaching can be quite uncomfortable. It is my job as your coach to help you navigate these waters and not to be your friend. But I coach from the heart and with warmth and empathy. Although I said it’s a dialogue, in fact you will be doing most of the talking, while I will be listening intently to you and ask you probing questions. Generally, I only ask questions to further your self-analysis, so as long as you talk, I will be listening intently and taking some notes. I will also suggest some activities to help you throughout the coaching process. It is important to know that I will always invite you to do such activities but you can always decline them. I will choose activities that will be most helpful for you.

Q: What coaching methodology do you use ?
A: There are different coaching methodologies and I adapt my approach to my client’s needs and thinking style. But my coaching methodology is rooted in First Principles Thinking which, through answering probing questions, breaks down problems into their smallest parts and challenges all assumptions linked to each part in order to create solutions that are new and unique. Basically, this helps my clients think ‘out of the box’. I also use solutions-based coaching model and the GROW model (Goals - Reality - Options - Wrap-up). To put things simply, I choose the best approach for each individual client, taking into account what their goals are and what learning style they prefer. I use a variety of coaching tools, such as visualisations and mindfulness too. But as said above, I will always ask you for your permission and you are totally free to decline.

Q: Have you experienced Empty Nest Syndrome?
A: Not completely yet. I have three teenage children and I share custody of them so I go from a full, busy house for a few days to an empty, silent house where I chase my own shadow in a matter of minutes. At first, I found this excruciating, and terribly painful and I felt very sad. But I gradually change the way I view myself, not just primarily as a mum. But it is this experience which has led me to research Empty Nest Syndrome and seek to help women going through this painful process.

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