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Overcome and Change Negative Thought Patterns

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0 hour 55 minutes

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Between two thoughts there is a gap.

In that tiny gap, we have a choice about which thought we will think next. That next thought will produce an action. The action will create an experience, and the experiences strung together to make up our reality.

Neuroscientists tell us that, although our brain is constantly processing and sending multiple messages to our body system, we can consciously think only one thought at a time. (If you are skeptical, try it. :))

This tiny gap is truly like a porthole to a world of joy, peace, and happiness. At least that’s what it felt to me when I realized that it exists.

This gap is our opportunity for a change, a transformation. It is (I believe) the very “stillness” from “be still and know I am God” psalm verse. The gap in which we can let divine love guide our next choices and action.

Are you willing to try?

This tiny gap is truly like a porthole to a world of joy, peace, and happiness. At least that’s what it felt to me when I realized that it exists.

Service Requirements

Every new client must fill out an Intake Form and a Release and Waiver of Liability form.

Intake Form: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcgvkq7ypfeqlaj/IntakeForm-CoachingClient.docx.pdf?dl=0

Waiver: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg02n8c3yuqqb3l/Waiver%20for%20life%20coaching.docx.pdf?dl=0


Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?
A: You get 50% back of all unused sessions.

Q: Can I reschedule?
A: Yes. You can reschedule up to two sessions at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

Q: What will coaching do for me?
A: Coaches work in partnership with their clients to help them come to a clear understanding of their deepest desires for their own lives. Coaches support their clients in defining and taking action toward their most important goals, breaking patterns that have previously stopped them from making progress. Coaching is an action-oriented, forward-focused process designed to support clients reach certain specific benchmarks over a set period of time. It views clients as already whole, equipped with what they need to create the change they’re seeking.

Q: How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?
A: Coaching is not counseling or therapy, where the counselor or therapist helps a client identify and heal from old trauma, and it’s not consulting, where the consultant offers advice and instructions. However, through coaching, many clients uncover areas of life that need attention and trigger a deeper healing process. I will always refer you to a licensed therapist/ counselor if I believe it would be for your benefit. Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy.

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