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Mindful Parenting Transformation

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10 Week Guided Mindful Parenting Transformation Course

Modules include video presentations, quizzes, and short written assignments. You can complete the weekly module requirements at your convenience and have lifetime access to your course and any additional modules/updates we add in the future.

⭐ Establish critical trust between parent and child.

⭐ Release parents from unconscious, limiting, stressful and regrettable parenting patterns that serve neither them or their precious children.

⭐ Ensure children feel safe, secure, and cared for on a core level.

⭐ Become a clear and confident parent with whom their children WANT to cooperate.

⭐ Build a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation.

⭐ Increase a child’s ability to learn while ensuring their future happiness and confidence.

⭐ Develop a relaxed, calm, centered parenting style
Model healthy relationships for children.

⭐ Set limits PEACEFULLY without having to resort to punishments and consequences.

⭐ Embrace authenticity by letting go of who they think they should be.

⭐ Create instant connection with children when they need parents most (HINT: during breakdowns and tantrums!)

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