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Growing up in Harlem, my grandmother would take me to her church every Sunday, where they played no music and worshipped in silence. I would often be lulled to sleep by the slow intentional singing but little did I know those songs were imprinted on my soul and my spiritual journey had begun.

Throughout the years, my journey guided me to Howard University, where I nurtured my love for event planning. After graduation, I worked in events for both the corporate and entertainment industry. Unfortunately, what I thought to be my dream job didn’t last and I was let go. I soon realized my journey required me to walk a different path and I was called to serve in a more impactful way. This life pivot led to me begin my work as a youth advocate and program facilitator, sharing my wisdom and passion for life with young women.

The life transitions of being a working woman, becoming a wife, and then a mother, brought dormant traumas to the surface. A lack of sleep and a rude awakening of the true responsibilities of being a mother heavily influenced my daily anger and frustration. After much complaining and controlling, I realized I was the one that needed to change.

With assistance from my Spiritual Mentor, I did the inner work needed to embrace my seasons, accept my responsibilities, and reclaim my power. This healing process initiated me into my purpose. I earned my Crown.

Today, I help women like you Crown themselves! I coach on Mindset, Self Love, Manifestation, Purpose and Connecting with God. I focus my teaching on these lessons because I want you to be able to move forward on your own terms so you can be emotionally fulfilled without a romantic relationship, more money or religion.

With the tools I share, women become enlightened and powerful, causing a shift in their narratives, their lives, and their future generations.
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