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Master The Power Of Positive Self Talk

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Are they words that are uplifting and loving, that make you feel good about yourself and remind you of your strength? Take a moment to reflect on what quality of self - talk you have going on in your mind. Are the messages that I have on repeat beliefs that I have accepted as my own, or simply a replay of ideas and thoughts that I have grown up with, heard from others, or witnessed in my experience? Words matter. Remembering to speak with light and love can become a habit, just as easily as we can adapt any habit in our lives. What we say is what we manifest more of.
"The Universe will reflect back to you the story you tell. Words matter, so choose ones that lift you up and inspire others to remember that beauty surrounds us. Be generous with compliments and thanks, affirming all that is good so that your loving, healing words will be heard throughout the jungle, cutting through the noise and inspiring others." Let's keep cutting through the noise together, shall we?

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