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Gastro Intestinal Stool Analysis

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The GI Map is my favorite test to help determine some of the deepest root causes of autoimmune and chronic gut issues. https://www.diagnosticsolutionslab.com/tests/gi-map. If you have gut issues or autoimmune conditions, I highly suggest this test as a tool to help us understand what is going on for you. I can order the test for you.

When you have gotten the GI Map (stool test) results back, we will sit down together and I'll walk you through it. This can be the most decisive hour you ever spend talking about your disease process and then how to become well.

Service Requirements

Contact me at melissa@sagebrushwellness to order the GI Map.

If you have your GI Map Results please email them to info@sagebrushwellness.com 3 days prior to our scheduled appointment.

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