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Frustrated with Post-partum baby weight? 4 sessions

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4 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Tired, overwhelmed, not sure how to get back to yourself again? Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to stick to a routine? Or why you might stress eat? What about creating amazing goals and somehow not following through with them after a week or two? As your Total Wellness Coach and mother of 5, I can totally relate to the challenges listed above. I take a deep dive into the "WHY." As we uncover those areas, we can then really do the work toward better health and wellness. It starts with shifting your mindset, shifting how you see yourself (your identity), and creating systems that are easy enough to stick with so you can create true habit change.

Service Requirements

Please fill out and submit the online Coaching questionnaire so that before we chat, I can learn more about you, your goals, your current health and fitness concerns, obstacles, and hopes.

Here's the url link to the questionnaire - simply copy and paste it into your browser's url search field and hit "enter":



Q: How many sessions are included with this service?
A: This is a 4 week package @ $100 a week. We will have one,1 hour session, every week.

Q: What does the initial session entail?
A: The first session is a deep dive of who you are, your goals, challenges, and anything else you want to discuss. You will take a mindset quiz and I will talk to you about some digestible steps you can take to immediately start changing your habits for better health.

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