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Energy Healing - 30 min

Appointment Length

0 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

Experience gentle yet profound healing in a Reiki session. Reiki, Japanese for universal life force, is a form of energy healing that moves energy into, out of and through the body, as directed by your practitioner.

When our energy becomes stagnant or blocked, physical imbalances may manifest as a result. Energy can become blocked due to many reasons (others' low/negative energy, poor diet, environment, limiting beliefs, physical injury, trauma, etc.). Reiki can be performed in person or over distance, as energy is everywhere and everything is energy :).

Service Requirements

Please complete the Reiki Intake Form in my profile.

We will not need to be on the telephone/camera for this session. I will provide your energy healing session at the time of your appointment, and will then write up a brief report detailing information that was felt/sensed, as well as exactly what I did to cleanse/remove/balance your energy. This will be electronically sent to you for your review.

Please note that everyone's session will be unique based on the information that is channeled to me, including any of your needs previously mentioned on your intake form. I may use crystals, essential oils, or other healing modalities to assist your mind/body/spirit during our time together. Photo below is a general visual aid to demonstrate how energy can be transferred without human touch - and in this case, throughout time, distance, and space.

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