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Transitioning your creative outlet into a business can be daunting at times, especially in the world of social media. Engaging with your audience or buyers, whether in person or virtually, tends to require you to have a resilient and confident mindset. If you’re currently struggling with this shift, work with Lenise who can help you make this time feel less nerve-wracking and chaotic. Throughout this offered service, Lenise will help you develop a mindset that will elevate your creativity, execute your business plan, and reach the level of excellence you have set!

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On a mission of Self Love for All Souls, Lenise forges a safe space for you to pivot your perspective to your spiritual wellness and shift your energy to align with abundance in all forms. Using one of a kind crafted exercises personal rituals to achieve set intentions, Reverend Lenise’s mission is to help women apply the art of forgiveness, discover the value of gratitude, and honor their powers of creation to sustain positive mental health, business success, and healthy relationships with themselves and others; setting a new standard for future generations.

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