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Co-meditation Dyad

Appointment Length

1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Initial introduction - various questions regarding your interest and situation
Discussion - what is Co-meditation Dyad, what to expect
Co-meditation Dyad - a deeper exploration of emotions, physical sensations, thoughts that are up for an integrative and restorative experience
Post Co-meditation Discussion - support questions and offering of a second look for deeper connection, book next apt

Service Requirements

Comfortable Clothing
Peaceful Private Setting - a private space, that is quiet, comfortable and free from interruption for the duration of the session.
Have any supports you need to be comfortable in a seated or lying down position - blankets, pillows, etc.


Q: What can I expect from this session?
A: I want everyone to know that every person's experience is organic and unique. iRest is integrative and restorative that sometimes the healing potential of this practice is on a spectrum.

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