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Autism Parenting Coach

Appointment Length

1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

Autism presents very real challenges - both to those living with autism, and those parenting. Responses to those challenges are extremely varied, but as an autistic adult, married to an autistic partner for 21 years, and raising autistic teens, Heather brings a unique perspective into her professional work coaching parents of autistic kids. Heather's approach uses compassionate curiosity, attachment-based strategies, healthy structure, and developmental scaffolding to understand, connect with and transform the relationship between parent and child. Whether your autistic child is newly diagnosed, entering adolescence or approaching adulthood, Heather's tools and supports can help you and your child go from barely hanging on to hopeful about the future.

Service Requirements

If you are a new client, please complete an intake form at https://forms.gle/Tqk2QJx8AkEWsum18 prior to your first session.

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