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60 Minute Follow Up Consultation

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Service Description

Sometimes you want just a little bit of extra assistance instead of going it alone… That’s why I’ve included a couple follow-up options – just so we can catch up and see how you’re feeling and what progress is being made.

We will review your progress and find out what’s working for you and what’s not; including likes and dislikes – then troubleshoot and come up with ways to overcome these obstacles.
We’ll take the next steps in your journey – come up with new ideas, strategies and plans to keep you going strong. Remember, this is individual to you, you choose your own pace
Reassess your supplement and nutrient intake
Address any questions you may have since our last meeting that haven’t been addressed via email

Not only are these sessions cost effective and individually created with your input (hey, not everyone loves broccoli or meditation), but they are also be tailored around a result-driven duration – meaning our time together will be increased /or/ decreased depending on how YOU are feeling. I understand holidays, vacations, birthdays, pandemics… so let’s work around those and check in when it’s convenient for you. Health isn’t something that can be rushed, nor can it be ignored. Your results are in your hands; I’m just helping you along the way.

These options are strictly for those who have completed the Initial Evaluation session OR have signed up for a package deal. They are not substitute, stand-alone consultations.

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