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1:1 iRest Meditation Session

Appointment Length

0 hour 50 minutes

Service Description

A 1:1 individualized iRest session is a mutually created co-meditation that provides a context for transformative healing, integration, and insight. I serve as a sacred mirror as we talk and explore iRest in a more personalized and customized fashion. I support you in delving deeper into self-inquiry so you’re able to authentically welcome whatever is arising at the moment from a place of complete openness. In typical iRest fashion, rather than coming from a place of brokenness or a need to fix something, we start by connecting to that place in ourselves that is already whole. One-on-one sessions allow you to uncover your own true knowing and can be useful to simply deepen your meditation practice and/or to work with specific issues such as insomnia, transitions, anxiety, depression, pain, creativity, and/or to investigate self-limiting beliefs and emotions. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes and conducted online using Zoom.
Pricing: $80/50 minute session; $380/5 session pack; $720/10 session pack. Contact me at tracy@beingandmoving.com with any questions!

Service Requirements

1) Zoom with camera and microphone on
2) Creating an intentional space, internally and externally, is probably the most powerful preparation for your 1:1 iRest meditation experience. You may want to consider the following suggestions:
• Create a quiet space where you can minimize distractions and where you feel comfortable. Silence or turn off your phone and digital communications during this time.
• Consider how you want to practice – the most common ways to practice 1:1 iRest is seated in a chair but any position will work! In iRest, we’re not “posture dependent.” Before class, gather and set-up any items or furniture that help you create a supportive environment including cushions, yoga blocks, pillows, blankets, a yoga mat, bolsters, and/or an eye pillow/washcloth. Be generous with yourself in the comfort of your home.
• If need be, have a conversation with others in your household and set expectations around being left alone during this time. Explain to others that you will be dropping into meditation and may not be available as you normally are. Let them know that you may need some extra quietude and space and maybe arrange for a calming routine or ritual following your session.

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