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Professional statement

HI. Welcome!

My story: I lived the first thirty years of my life very unaware of who I authentically am. I wanted to make my parents proud, wanted my friends to like me, and I wanted to fit in according to all societal norms. The result = A law degree, a high paying job, boredom and a feeling of "Meh" about my life. Hello Saturn return.

So I went on a journey of self discovery. I practiced tuning into my intuition. I learned about subconscious reprogramming and inner child work. And shadow work! I tried meditation for the first time. I took courses in Chinese energy healing, mediumship, IET, and studied the Akashic Records. I talked to my spirit guides, and maybe sometimes just talked to myself. But now I have an entirely new perspective on my life and how the universe works. And I feel better. I'm EXCITED all the time.

THEN I stumbled upon (or was divinely guided to) the Human Design system, and I up-leveled. The system has made me feel so seen, it has given me permission to be authentically myself, and I want to share it with everyone!

I offer human design chart readings, as well as broader coaching sessions that include human design but also energy healing and all my other intuitive gifts.

I invite you to schedule a quick free call with me if you have any questions. I also teach group classes on human design if you want to get friends together or treat your office staff.

Thank you!

**I have not endured a heartbreaking tragedy, survived an abusive relationship, or overcome a debilitating disease. Some people experience those types of hardship for karmic lessons or to be able to best help others from a deep well of personal experience. If you are struggling with one of these types of intense situations please seek someone who specializes in that area. I still believe Human Design can help you, but it is a long term life practice and not the quick (or delicate) solution which may be needed for your immediate health. And I am sending you love.

  • Certificate in Dispute Resolution
  • Certificate in Alchemist's Arts Healing


  • University of Texas @ Austin - Bachelor of Science; Communications
  • Pepperdine University School of Law - Juris Doctorate

$93.00 per appointment

Category : Healing
Subcategory : Human Design



Human Design Reading

Appointment Length

1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Human Design combines ancient and modern sciences; elements from the I' Ching, Gene Keys, the Kabbalah tree of life, astrology, and the Hindu chakras systems. Your Human Design chart acts as a personalized energetic blueprint, showing how your energy works and what decision-making process will bring you best into energetic alignment. It also provides guidance on how best to digest food and information, which environments are most supportive, and your strongest sense.

Some fun examples:
Some people are designed to only work 2-3 hours at a time, before their energy supply runs out and they need to rest and recharge. Others can work for 10 hours straight before exhausting, so long as what they are working on brings them joy. Are you one of these types?!

Some people have an undefined solar plexus, meaning the feelings or emotions they are experiencing are NOT their own. Rather they take in and feel the emotions of others, a form of being an empath. Other people have a defined solar plexus and their body creates an energetic wave of emotions — they do not have direct control over these emotions, but they are their own. You might be cheerful one day and melancholy the next, with seemingly no reason for the change.

Some people digest food best when it is cold in temperature. Some people study best when they move from place to place throughout the day. Some people need silence, and others are literally designed to have music playing to help stimulate their digestion.

Learning about your chart is SO MUCH FUN, and SO affirming. I will cover you energy type, strategy, authority, profile, key gates and channels, and more within a reading. You can also sign up for life coaching that incorporates your design and puts all the information into practice.

Service Requirements

You will need the date and exact time of your birth, as well as where you were born.

If you do not know the exact time of birth first check your birth certificate. If it is not listed there you can check with the office of vital records in the area of your birth. If you have no luck with that, we can take your best estimate and then pull charts for the hours surrounding that time and see what stays the same — then I will read the consistent information.


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