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Be A Rockstar of Transformation - Online Course

Product Description

Be a Rock Star of Transformation is a 7-step self-paced online course (which I call a Quest because a journey inward is the one Quest everyone needs to take – and one that no one else can take for us).

Learn how to create transformation in any area of your life and

- Conquer your fears and anxieties

- Develop healthy habits

- Overcome negative thought patterns

- Fill that unexplainable void

- Enjoy your relationships

This Quest includes:

- 7 Levels with 37 Missions (modules) to discover your purpose, conquer fears, and make necessary shifts

- Lifetime access to the full program

- 10 printable worksheets to help you stay on track whether you're at home or on the go

- 7 inspirational songs for healing and motivation (personally created from my heart to yours)

- Convenient online platform as well as an IOS and Android app

- Access to our private community for peer support and celebrating successes

- 8x10 Handbook

Find out more at http://wakinguprevolution.com/Quest/

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