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Who is on Sofia?

Today, healthcare includes many different types of practitioners. Integrative medicine incorporates a full range of a patient's physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental influences. We are bringing together practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds in order to provide clients with the holistic care that they need and deserve.

  • Nutritionists
  • Counselors
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Beauty Experts
  • Health Coaches
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Fitness Professionals
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How Does It Work?

Sofia is bringing together the world's top health and wellness professionals and giving them a new digital platform. We aim to make health and wellness services more accessible to clients around the world.

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When you join Sofia Health, you get exclusive access to tools, resources and support that will not only help you manage your business, but will also help you grow.


Sell your health and wellness products


The tools you need to get online, list your services & sell products
Free $99 /mo
Customizable Landing Page
Unlimited Product Listings
Unlimited Service Listings
Customer Support
Client Messaging
Fraud Analysis
Payment Processing Fees 2.9% + .30c 2.9% + .30c
Product Sales Fee 13% 10%

How is Sofia Different?


We understand the hard work you put into becoming an expert in your practice. So we built a platform to help you manage that - so you can focus more on your clients.


We listened to your feedback - we know software designed for other industries is NOT the answer.


Sofia is built with health and wellness professionals in mind so we can benefit both you and your clients. You no longer have to piece-meal tools together.


We care deeply about the security of people joining Sofia. The entire platform has been made compliant with HIPAA and PCI standards.


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