Teen and Young Adult Life Coach

Christine Lively

Fairfax,  VA 

Professional statement

I've worked with teens as a teacher in middle school, in high school, a high school librarian, and now as a life coach. The reason for my commitment to teens is simple - I really like them, and teens need fans. My passion for coaching comes from knowing that teens have too many people giving them advice and telling them what to do, and what they really need is someone to listen fully and without judgment while they find their way to the solutions and changes they can make to pursue their passions and goals. I am honored to be that person for the teens and young adults I coach.

I earned an MEd. in. Secondary English Education and am a Certified Life Coach for Young People through Youth Coaching Institute (YCI). I also write a monthly column on the School Library Journal's Teen Librarian Toolbox blog called RevolTeens about teens who make a difference in the world.

At home, I have raised three of my own teens, now 23, 19, and 17. I know that they have always needed an outside unbiased voice from teachers, therapists, or other trusted adults in addition to their parents' guidance to feel successful and grounded. One of the reasons that coaching works for teens is that they get to talk to someone who is not their mom. An outside, caring, and compassionate adult who works with them where they are now - with no history or baggage. It is a great honor and privilege to be that adult in a teen's life.

If your teen needs an outside voice to listen, connect, and guide them through solving problems, let's talk. I offer free consultations with parents (or young adults 18-24) to discuss what brings you to coaching and how coaching can help. You can find me at www.christinelively.com

  • Certified Youth Mentor Coach & Certified Youth Leadership Coach


  • Secondary English/George Mason University - Masters in Education