Amber Williams

Littleton,  Colorado 

Professional statement

Welcome to Lotus Fire Nutrition and Wellness! I am Amber Williams, a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practioner (CNTP). I’ve always loved science. My undergraduate was in Biology and that love of science keeps me curious about the latest nutrition research and how best to address my client's challenges.

That curiosity also served me well when I was struggling with my own fertility challenges. It was during this time that I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. What I learned was foundational in restoring my own health. Weeks before graduating I became pregnant and I now have a boisterous toddler.

I use my education and personal experience to help women cut through the noise surrounding conception and pregnancy. I help women and their partners understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle during the preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum periods. These are times of change where there is confusion on what is safe to eat and on what will most support our health, our fertility, and the health of our baby. People often do not realize how important the preconception window is to both fertility and to a healthy pregnancy, as well as a healthy baby.

I help you feel confident in your food choices, so that you can feel comfotable that you are supporting a healthy pregnancy and baby, and after during the postpartum period, that you are eating to heal your body, support lactation (if desired) and baby's health and well being.

  • Certified Nutrition Therapy Practioner


  • University of Colorado at Boulder - Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology
  • University of Colorado at Boulder - English Literature
  • Nutrition Therapy Practioner